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Best Insurance company in Ethiopia

How the insurance industry in Ethiopia looks like

insurance company in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian insurance sector has experienced significant growth in recent years. It encompasses both life insurance and general insurances segments. Key players include companies like Awash Insurances, The United Insurance Company, Nyala Insurance, and Oromia Insurance. As Ethiopia’s economy expands, insurance plays a crucial role in managing risk and providing financial security to individuals and businesses.

Why We Should Have Insurance in Ethiopia

 Insurance plays a vital role in safeguarding individuals, businesses, and society as a whole. Here’s why it’s so crucial

insurance company in Ethiopia

Risk Mitigation: Life is unpredictable, and unforeseen events can disrupt our plans. Insurance provides a safety net by covering financial losses due to accidents, illnesses, natural disasters, or other unexpected circumstances. Whether it’s health insurance, auto insurance, or property insurance, having coverage ensures that you’re not left financially vulnerable.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that you’re protected allows you to focus on your daily life without constant worry. Whether it’s protecting your family’s future with life insurance or safeguarding your business assets, insurance provides peace of mind.

Business Continuity: For businesses, insurance is essential. It helps mitigate risks related to property damage, liability, employee injuries, and more. Without proper coverage, a single incident could lead to financial ruin or even closure.

Legal Requirements: Many types of insurance are legally mandated. For example, auto insurance is required in most places to drive legally. Similarly, employers must provide workers’ compensation insurance to protect employees.

Social Stability: Insurance contributes to overall social stability. When individuals and businesses are protected, the burden on public resources decreases. It prevents families from falling into poverty due to unexpected events.

best insurance companies in Ethiopia

insurance company in Ethiopia

National Insurance Company of Ethiopia (NICE)

National Insurance Company of Ethiopia (NICE), established in post-1994 Ethiopia, holds the distinction of being the first wholly privately owned insurance company in the country. Headquartered in Addis Ababa, NICE operates through 43 branch offices and 7 licensed contact offices across different regions of Ethiopia. Since its inception in October 1994, NICE has been actively engaged in the general insurance business, providing a wide range of insurance products and services to individuals and businesses alike.

The company’s authorized capital stands at Birr 500,000,000, divided into 500,000 shares with a par value of Birr 1,000.00 each. As of January 31, 2024, the paid-up capital amounts to Birr 312,000,000. While the minimum shareholding is set at 50 shares, Ethiopian nationals are currently the sole shareholders, adhering to legal requirements. NICE’s commitment to deploying modern technology, maintaining a professional staff, ensuring profitability, and promoting sustainable growth underscores its mission as a socially responsible insurance provider1.

In terms of services, NICE covers various areas, including:

  1. Motor insurance
  2. Fire and allied perils
  3. Marine insurance
  4. Consequential loss
  5. Burglary insurance
  6. Travel Insurance

As Ethiopia’s insurance landscape continues to evolve, NICE remains a significant player, contributing to risk management and financial security for its clients.

Nile Insurance Company Share Company (NICSC)

Nile Insurance Company Share Company (NICSC), established in April 1995, holds a significant place among Ethiopia’s private insurers. With an initial capital of Birr 12.5 million, NICSC has steadily grown its operations and influence in the Ethiopian insurance landscape. The company operates under the legal framework set by Proclamation No-86/1994 and is licensed by the National Bank of Ethiopia

Headquartered in Addis Ababa, NICSC serves its clients through a network of branches and contact offices across the country. Its commitment to modern technology and a team of qualified professionals ensures efficient service delivery. NICSC offers a comprehensive range of insurance services, including life insurancegeneral insurance, and Aman Takaful Insurance. Their portfolio covers areas such as motor insurancemarine insuranceengineering insurance.

NICSC’s core values include integrityaccountabilityinnovativeness, and customer focus. As one of the pioneers in Ethiopia’s private insurance sector, NICSC continues to contribute to risk management, financial security, and the overall stability of the Ethiopian economy. 

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Oromia Insurance Company (OIC)

Oromia Insurance Company (OIC), established and licensed by the National Bank of Ethiopia on January 26, 2009, has emerged as a prominent player in Ethiopia’s insurance sector. Operating as a profit-making share company, OIC transacts all classes of insurance, including non-life insurancelife insurance, and microinsurance. Its journey began on February 9, 2009, and since then, OIC has been committed to providing comprehensive insurance solutions to its diverse clientele.

Growth and Performance

OIC’s annual performance for the period from July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2022, showcased remarkable achievements. The company achieved a 38% higher gross written premium for general insurance business compared to the previous year. Similarly, its life insurance business witnessed a substantial 45% expansion in premium collection. Despite exceeding expectations, both segments fell slightly below the company’s ambitious targets. OIC’s net claim incurred increased, but it remained below projections, demonstrating effective risk management.

Financial Strength and Assets

In terms of profitability, OIC reported a net income of 457.3 million birr, surpassing the previous year’s achievement. The company’s asset base also grew significantly, reaching 2.55 billion birr—a testament to its financial stability. OIC strategically invested nearly 1.4 billion birr, with fixed time deposits and equity investments playing pivotal roles. Additionally, OIC allocated funds for its headquarters construction project, aligning its vision with infrastructure development.

Paid-Up Capital and Expansion

OIC’s paid-up capital expanded by 36%, reaching 680 million birr. This capital infusion reflects the company’s commitment to growth and resilience. As part of its expansion strategy, OIC continues to enhance its services, strengthen its market presence, and contribute to Ethiopia’s economic stability. The company’s success story underscores its role as a reliable partner for risk mitigation and financial security.

Ethiopian Insurance Corporation (EIC)

The Ethiopian Insurance Corporation (EIC), established in 1976 by Proclamation No. 68/1975, holds a significant place in Ethiopia’s insurance landscape. Its inception involved the consolidation of assets and liabilities from thirteen nationalized private insurance companies, with an initial paid-up capital of Birr 11 million (equivalent to USD 1.29 million). The Corporation’s primary objectives were threefold:

For nearly two decades, EIC operated under a protected monopolistic system as the state-owned sole insurer. However, significant changes occurred after the demise of the Marxist regime in the mid-1990s. With a shift toward liberalism, EIC was re-established as a public enterprise under Proclamation No. 201/94. Its paid-up capital increased to Birr 61 million (approximately USD 7.13 million). The re-established Corporation expanded its objectives to include engaging in the business of rendering insurance services and related activities conducive to its purposes.

Today, EIC continues to play a crucial role in Ethiopia’s insurance industry. Its commitment to modernization, professionalism, and customer-centric services underscores its significance as a reliable partner for risk management and financial security. For more information, visit the official website of Ethiopian Insurance Corporation.

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