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Ethio Telecom and Safaricom Ethiopia || comparison of tariff

Safaricom Ethiopia and Ethio Telecom logo

Safaricom Ethiopia is a telecommunication service provider that recently joined the Ethiopian market. It started its service in Dire Dawa and Harar city. It will expand to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, and other large cities in the country within weeks. safaricom told al ain Amharic about their service tariff.

So, today we will have a look at the tariff of Safaricom Ethiopia and Ethio telecom for a validity time of a month so that you can choose the best telecom service provider regarding their tariff.

Safaricom Ethiopia

Safaricom ethiopia tariff


1 minute = 0.50 birr

Data or Internet

120 MB = 10 birr

900 MB = 50 birr

2 GB = 100 birr

Ethio Telocom tariff


1 minute = 0.50 birr

Data or Internet

120 MB = 8.40 birr

900 MB = 57.87 birr

2 GB = 105 birr

This is the standard tariff for Ethio Telecom service. if you buy Ethio Telecom’s product via Tele birr you will get a 10 percent discount. so the tariff for those who purchase via Tele birr will be as follows…

Ethio Telecom tariff for Tele birr users


1 minute = 0.45 birr

Data or Internet

120 MB = 7.56 birr

900 MB = 52.1 birr

2 GB = 94.5 birr

note;- Safaricom’s mobile money m-pesa is going to start operation in the coming month so may be there will be another incentive for those who buy airtime through m-pesa.

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